Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Adoption update (from October)


We know you all thought we were going to be adopting a baby girl from China. We kinda thought so too. But God had other plans…

October 12, 2007
We are thrilled to announce our upcoming adoption of a little boy named Dang Yong. Yong is a 3½ year old who arrived at the orphanage in Nanyang City in the Henan Province of China when he was 18 months old. He was given the first name “Yong” by his caregiver, because it means “brave” or “courageous one.” Because Yong is an older child, our application with China will automatically be moved to “fast-track,” and we anticipate traveling to China to complete the adoption this coming March!

November 14, 2007
Today we sent our FIRST CARE PACKAGE TO CHINA!!! It was a very exciting day, and a bit daunting. We wondered, “What do we send? What would he recognize and have fun with?” Well, we ended up mailing out a Noah’s Ark blanket that Emily’s mom made for him. Also we sent crayons, markers, a coloring pad, two small books, a bright red truck (from Cousin Abby), some CANDY, and a stuffed moose. Jason enclosed his Boston Red Sox hat with a note that said, “This was my hat. Now it is your hat. I hope you like it.”

We also enclosed a small photo album with pictures of us so he knows what we look like.

THE BEST PART? The local Chinese restaurant – Asia Café – translated little notes to him. We wrote what we wanted to say and they wrote the Chinese words beneath it. (It looked absolutely beautiful, by the way!) Now his caregiver can read him our messages in Chinese. It’s SUCH A BLESSING to have a small means of communicating to him, at least somewhat directly.

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