Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Best Christmas Present Ever!

There is a small company in China called "Red Thread." It is run by two women - one in the US and one on Shamian Island in China. They own a store that works with adoptive parents to help them send items to their waiting children in orphanages across the country.

We e-mailed them and asked if they would put together a Christmas package for Dang Yong. (Christmas is becoming more recognized because so many adoptive parents want to send gifts to orphanages at that time of the year.) This is a photograph of what we ordered. She bought the items right there in China and took a picture before she mailed the package off to the orphanage.

Ann (the woman in China) called the orphanage directly and got updated growth reports so she could be sure the clothing would fit. I can't tell you how awesome it was and how "real" it made everything feel. (And, yes, he's getting bigger! He's a size 4T now.)

We also had her order a cake from a local bakery in Nanyang City. Cake is a delicacy -- a treat the children very rarely get. Ann had the bakery deliver it Christmas morning. Since it would have been a special treat, we're hoping the caregivers were able to take some pictures of Dang Yong enjoying it with his friends.

We got an e-mail Christmas morning from Ann. She had called the orphanage that morning to confirm the cake was delivered. The director told her everybody there enjoyed it very much, and they wished us a Merry Christmas.

That was -- hands down -- the best Christmas present ever!

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