Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas at the orphanage

Remember how stoked we were to get those few pictures from Bonnie this past weekend?

Well, the floodgates have opened!

Today we received even more pictures from Ann at Red Thread China (we LOVE her!). She is the one who helped us put together our Christmas package - the spiderman backpack, some books, a panda bear, a new winter jacket etc. She also called the orphanage to make sure she got the right size, and then later called to make sure the cake was delivered. That would be the Christmas cake you now see in this picture!

Ann received some pictures from Nanyang orphanage and knew right away these were from the Christmas party. She forwarded them to us so that we - and in turn you - could enjoy.

Yong is the VIP in the green shirt. I'm guessing he was the star of the show since it was his Mama and Baba that financed the par-tay. We are already so becoming the cool 'rents.

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