Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Out with the old...

(had to go with a New Year's theme)

For those who have graced our humble abode at some point in the last 4 years, you will better appreciate the renovations we've been doing, since you'll have tasted of the "before."

Suffice it to say, it needed a tad.

We are happy to announce our one and only bath now actually has a bath. (It formerly hosted a standup shower.)

[Sorry for a view of our open-concept medicine cabinet. We broke our mirror pretty much straight off. In the meantime, it saves you all from wondering what awesome drugs we take.]

Moving on...Our two small living rooms are now the same level and are more like one largish room. Being a carpet cleaner, Jason is happy to come home to hardwood. And we both enjoy having baseboards that are actually the same size all the way around the room. Don't ask.

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the two of us said...

Hooray! Looks great you guys - now we can skateboard in your livingroom the next time we visit. Keep up the good work.