Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tractors, Mowers and Knuckles

Saturday night Jesse got to meet two new aunties (Jason's sisters) when we went over for dinner. Here's Jesse having dinner with cousins Aaron and Noah at the kids' table:

Funny thing happens when you get a chance to meet your older (boy) cousins for the first time. You learn all sorts of cool new things that other people haven't shown you or taught you yet.
Like the cool way to great people -- "knuckles" instead of straight ol' boring high-fives:

And other cool things that Mom and Dad have been studiously avoiding like crazy, such as how that little remote control box works (oh boy; now we're in for it):

I think the cousins went straight to top of Jesse's Favorite New People list after he learned that the cool canary yellow tractor he got to try out in their driveway was GOING HOME with him. Wowzers!!!! And they let him take their schnazzy bubble mower. Two very awesome new toys to dismantle....

He was grinning ear to ear after they gave them to him. Wouldn't stop talking about it the whole ride home. Kept saying, "Tractoo-ah" and "Bubb-ool mowah" over and over again.

Not only are the tractor and mower seriously cool toys for a 4-year-old (actually, they're pretty cool no matter what age you are. That bucket really dumps stuff when you lower the lever on the right, and the whole bucket contraption pushes up and lowers the bucket to the ground so you can scoop up dirt or whatever....I mighta tested it out once. Or twice...), what a great way to learn new vocab!

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