Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anatomy of a Swim: Redux

Despite the many happy faces grinning back in many of the pool photos of yesterday, when we went to bed last night we still weren't 100% sure that Jesse Yong was on board (bad pun) with the day's adventure.

This is because -- overall -- there were plenty of unposted pictures that fell under the Palpable Uncertainty category (see previous post) than merely that one solitary contemplative pose that you, dear reader, saw.

In Anatomy of a Swim, I made oblique reference to Jesse's overall spirit of...well...cautiousness about the whole experience. For the purposes of today's followup, I will reiterate that there was, indeed, a great deal of enthuasiasm and encouragement (from moi) that had to be done -- throughout the course of the day -- in order to continue to make Pool Time fun.

There was much weighing in, as it were, from the maternal corner of the ring (or, more accurately, inflatable circle) about all the illustrious qualities of swimming, and what happiness abounds when one is immersed in water, and the joy oh joy of simply being wet all over. Isn't it FUN!!! Look! Splashing is GOOD! So much FUN!!! Happy, happy, happy!

Still, I was pretty sure that when all was said and swum, Jesse was pretty keen on The Swim overall. Even while we were in the pool, every time I asked if he was "all done" he vigorously shook his head no. Despite the chattering teeth and ever-so-slightly blueish lips. And the clinging to Mama's arm for dear life. And the howling when Mama ducked underwater. And the screaching when Cousin Abby splashed the floating hippo (rather enthusiastically) all the while innocently assuring me it was "Not at Jesse, Auntie. Just the hippo."

Pools are on sale at Kmart this week.


So now Jason and I are busy trying to decide if we should take the plunge (sorry, it's late and I'm not at my literary zenith....ah, but I just used zenith, and that's worth, like, a lot of Scrabble points, so I can't be doing that bad) and buy a pool and, if so, how much dough we'll be connived into dropping.

In order to do this, I am on a mission to gauge Jesse's true feelings on the matter of The Swim. I need to be as accurate as possible to see if it really was worth the investment of a filtrated pool or if we really could get away with the $12.99 special. Perhaps just a wee small kiddie pool to cool off in. Dangle the the little piggies, that sort of thing. I mean, really, what's a little standing water and vast assortment dead mosquitos, spiders, flies and that slimy squishy scummy stuff that manages to slink over and procreate on plastic overnight?

So... anyway, as Jesse started to head up the stairs last night for bed, I stopped him and brought him over to the kitchen table. I showed him the Kmart flyer, specifically the page with the pools on it (pictured below):

Didn't get too much of a reaction.

Well, other than him seriously scouring the pages to see if his picture or maybe Cousin Abby's or Cousin Anna's was in the flyer. He's getting used to seeing pictures of himself (on the computer, in picture frames, etc,) sometimes right after whatever the event was (i.e. as I sit typing blog entries he loves to sit right there beside me and excitedly chatter away about whatever it was that we were doing that day).

So I start thinking. Hmmm. No reaction is good. Sort of. Good on the wallet at least. (Bad for Big Box Business.)

But the non-mercenary side of me is bummed. I want him to like swimming.

5:45 a.m.
Well, this morning Jason got him up and first thing Jesse did was point to the topmost drawer of his dresser, which is where I stored his swim trunks the night before (after I had to seriously talk him out of wearing the swim trunks to bed that night).

Jason says no, we aren't going swimming today.

Hmmm. Beginning to wonder if the prior evening's "no reaction" was just him processing .... and maybe even seriously calculating .... how to use this information to best advantage.

So Jason goes downstairs while Jesse finishes dressing. A few minutes later, down Jesse comes and heads straight over to the kitchen table. He digs around to find the Kmart flyer and makes sure we're getting the point (even pointing to the exact model the cousins have)...

[Special note: no, I did NOT pose this. Tonight when I was getting ready to post this blog, he saw me photographing that page of the flyer and came running over.]

45 minutes later...
We've breakfasted, etc., Jason's headed off to work, and I sit down to read for a few minutes. Jesse starts hovering. I tell him, "Why don't you go find a book, too?"

He goes upstairs and comes down guessed it...swim trunks!

Parades around in front of me.

See, Mom, this is where they go:

We're pretty sure Kmart will make suckers of us all.

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