Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday's visit to Peterborough

We left first thing Sunday morning to visit Jesse's grandparents again and see the cousins Jesse hadn't had a chance to meet yet in the Peterborough, N.H., area.

Jesse of course had coffee with Grandpa Dokey. Only a sip, though. Mama wasn't sure she liked the grinning "mmm hmmmm" and appreciative tummy rub Jesse enthusiastically gave to signal this was good stuff.

Baba thought Jesse's reaction was just swell, on the other hand. But then again, Baba would live with a nice Costa Rican blend continuously sluicing through his veins via an IV drip if he could...

A few pics with the grandparents:

Grandpa Dokey took Jesse on a riding tractor mower. The kid couldn't get enough! I couldn't get any pictures of him smiling, because he was watching/analyzing the entire time to see just which knobs did what and which levers moved what, etc etc. Wanted to commandeer full control of the vehicle...
Jesse got to meet cousins Erin and Courtney (and Jon Taylor, who was heading off to Boy Scouts camp for the week!)

And just because Courtney was adamant that I wouldn't do it:
here's her soggy dirty wet-grass foot for all the Internet world to see.

Jason took the picture after the thunderstorm drove us inside from mowing the grass. (Jesse was quite bummed to have his tractor experience cut short)

Three generations of Hendricksons:

Oh, and lest we forget....

Ronin loves Peterborough. Lots of open grassy fields of green that stretch out indefinitely in every direction. Room to stretch those doggy legs and just RUN RUN RUN as fast and far as he can.

Plus there's new smells everywhere: moose, deer, skunks, other dogs, SQUIRRELS, and all sorts of woodsy creatures that freely wander the yard at night. Aunt Karen has been known to leave her shoes in the grass more than once. When you're letting your new puppy out for her constitutional at 1 a.m. and turn the corner to come a foot-and-a-half away from a 7-foot moose chuffing at you....well, that'll make you ditch your shoes and quick.

Anyhoo, last time we visited, Ronin found a particularly inelegant skunk nest. And Jason and I had to find a particularly huge can of tomato juice.

This time he found animal scat.

But I guess that even if he enjoys smelling bad, at least he can look handsome doing it.

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