Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some fun in the sun...

I know a lot of you are enjoying the pictures, so I'll post a few more random ones.

Here's Jesse playing with his radio-controlled blue car that was given to him at a Yard Sale. We LOVE this car. It is so cool because it does whatever we tell it to, even at great distances and behind fences and around corners.

Removing a few obstacles from the path:

I didn't know whether Jesse was really enjoying our Wednesday morning library time (where this nice lady reads two stories and we do a fun craft related to the story), because it's kind of hard to gauge, what with the language barrier and all.

He sits quietly and appears to pay attention, so we keep going back. He seems to be having fun during story time (but how much can he really understand at this point??) and although he colors (sort of) and sticks foam stickers on his craft project, etc., a good deal of craft time is actually spent watching the other kids to see what they do. Now in my book, this is an excellent thing for him, but maybe he wasn't enjoying it per se.

Well, last night the three of us all went to the library together to return some books. No sooner did we walk in the door than Jesse was all grins, literally running across the lobby to the stairwell that leads to the Children's Corner, pointing where we needed to go. He was a bit bummed to realize we weren't there for story time. So that erased any questions as to whether he was having fun.

Today we went back to the library for Children's Corner and read about stuffed animal friends and some of the various adventures that occur with our favorite fuzzy fellows. Afterwards we got to decorate a stuffed animal (pig, elephant, dog or fish) with markers.

I've never seen him so excited about a project before.

I don't know if he was just having a hugely fun day today (which we did), or if it was because I wrote his name on the stuffed animal and kept affirming this was Jesse's pig.

When we got home, we put it upstairs on his bed next to the dog he sleeps with. And when Baba came home, we ran upstairs to get Pig, squealing with delight the whole way.

Can you tell he's a little excited?

This is him introducing Pig to Dog and hugging Pig:

More Tractors and Mowers
A few more pics of him on his new yellow tractor, loading up the bucket and driving off:

And a few pictures of him enjoying his bubble mower (another awesome gift from Cousins Aaron & Noah -- Thank You!)

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