Thursday, March 20, 2008

More pictures!!!

Well, as they had promised, our friends in China were able to forward more pictures of Jesse Yong with his friends at the orphanage!!! It is wild just how excited I was to get these pictures and updates! I actually got up early this morning to log on to the computer to see if she'd posted anything new on her blog since yesterday. Ridiculous.....

But there is a 12-hour delay (China is ahead) so I figured I had a good chance at 6 a.m. our time of hearing something. At the time we only had the one we have several more! YEA!!! So I thought I'd share them with you.

Interestingly, when Keith (the dad over there adopting right now, the one in the pictures) went to the orphanage, he pointed to one of the little boys there and asked the director, "Dang Yong?" The director said, "No, not Dang Yong." He said, "Could you please bring him in, so he gets a toy and a treat?" They agreed. I'm so very thankful to Keith for being brave and direct enough to ask them to bring him into the room so he could enjoy a treat, too. We don't know why he wasn't included initially. It would have been very sad for Jason and I if Keith never got to see Jesse Yong and give him some time and love.

Also, the director told Keith and his guide that there were "12 children" at the orphanage. We had heard more like 150 children. Weird.

And I can't figure out why these small rooms don't look quite the same as the other room we had seen pictures of back in December. I'll have to compare more closely later, but it seems different, but maybe it's just the angles.

Keith's baby girl did not come with the blankets and things they had mailed to her. How very disappointing to them to have lovingly sent items to their little girl and realize she never received them. The guide got the impression that the children at Nanyang SWI do not get the gifts their parents send them. :( She suspects the gifts go home with the caregivers/orphanage directors.

So we don't know if Jesse Yong received all of his gifts, or if he was given some of them for the pictures and then they were taken away. I guess we'll find out when we pick him up and see whether he arrives with any of the stuff we sent.

Here is a picture of one of the other small rooms that serves as their food area:

All these things make me realize how much we have to be greatful for here in America! And how happy we are that -- no matter what is happening over there right now -- soon we will be with our little one and he will be with us forever. All the questions may not get answered, but I guess all in all it doesn't really matter.

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