Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Yong!!!

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."

-Chinese Proverb

On Saturday, Yong turns 4!

We can't be there with him :( so we did the next best thing. We e-mailed Ann at Red Thread China to send him a small gift. Since he isn't used to getting gifts and we've sent him two care packages thus far, her feeling was that we should only send a little book and a letter to him, and a package of candies for the caregivers.

So...what do you say to a 4-year-old who has been getting gifts from "a family in America" but even today may not know that we are going to be his new parents? Words fail.

But you have to give it a shot. So here's what we said:

Dear Dang Yong,
Hello! How are you doing? We hope you are having fun today with your friends!

We saw pictures of you having cake on Christmas. You were wearing a yellow crown on your head, just like you were King for that day! You looked very handsome. You new mama and dada sent you the cake for a special treat to share with your friends. Was it a yummy cake? It looked very yummy!

Is it still cold in China? It is cold in America, too. There is lots of snow on the ground! Is there a lot of snow where you are, too?

We are very happy to come and see you soon! We love you very much and canʼt wait to meet you. It must be scary for you to think about coming to live with your new mama and dada in America. Itʼs all right to be scared. When something new happens it is scary, even if it is a good thing.

You new mama and dada love you very, very much. We are good people, and we will take good care of you always. Even if you are scared or sad, we will always love you. Everything will be all right.

We wanted to send you some more treats because on March 8 it is your birthday. That means you turn 4 years old! We hope you have a happy day. We love you very much!

-Mama and Dada

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Ann said...

Hello there! It looks like we may be traveling around the same time to receive our kids from Nanyang SWI. We have LOI (awaiting LOA) for a 2-year-old little girl at Nanyang. Our agency expects us to travel quickly as we have a LID of 12-21-06. Let's keep in touch!

PS - I think we may have some of your photos because our daughter is in them. I am so confused because I've corresponded with so many people over the last few weeks that I'm not sure what came from where anymore!