Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jesse Yong's room!

I can't tell you how excited we are to have finally completed Jesse Yong's bedroom!!! For those of you who haven't heard, that's our little boy's new name, and here is his new room...ready just in time!

I think it's funny: my cousin-in-law is 5 months pregnant with her baby girl and last week she told me her baby's room is completely done. Already. As in they have everything they need already bought and assembled. Even the stuffed animals are sitting in the crib staring back at them with their glossy eyeballs....

For those of you who know me, that should totally be me!!! You know that whatever the opposite of "procrastinator" is, I'm it. In college I had my term papers done weeks before they were due. I organize church parties months in advance. I'm asking Jason what he wants to do for dinner before I've had lunch. (yeah, it's bad)

And yet here we are: still in need of a dresser for Jesse's clothes, a glider/rocker, shelves installed in the bedroom closet...the list goes on.

Funny what God does, because here we are barely a month away from bringing home our son and we're just squeaking all these (major!) things in. Normally this would totally stress me out, but the fact is, I'm getting better with trusting and walking day-to-day, knowing that God is the perfect time-keeper and He's got it all under control. (Talk to me tomorrow; it may be a different story...)

Jason asked me the other day, "Emily, honestly now. What would you DO if we had several more months to go? You'd go crazy with nothing to do." Truer words were never spoken.

For those who have visited the upstairs of chez Hendrickson, a word of warning in advance. We decided that orange and brown stripes just weren't our thing, so we waved a cheery goodbye to the old remnant, and the carpet guy came and installed a new blue thing Thursday.

The rest of the week/weekend we finished all the retouch and the trim paint. This stuff seriously takes forever. Thoroughly sick of painting, mudding, trim work, repaint, and final touchups, we both agree the longer it is until we see a fresh gallon of paint the happier we both will be. And, as with every other room in this old New Englander, it took a lot of work to get it up to snuff. Thanks to Jason for his painstaking mudding and patching...
We also picked out some new sheets, a bedside lamp, a curtain, and some ABC wall decals. Hopefully he'll like it. If not, I'll sleep there, cuz I think it's a pretty sweet room.


The Aumanns said...

Love his name! :)

Karin said...

I love Jesse's name--it fits him so well. And I love his room!! Too Cute!! Glad you got rid of orange and brown stripes. :-)