Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday in Guangzhou

So, by now you realize that we have successfully maneauvered from one province in China to another province in China -- with a 4-year-old -- via airplane. J and I were scared to death about how Jesse Yong would be on the flight yesterday. But he loved it! Wanted the window seat so he could see better.

We're still concerned about the LONG LONG LONG plane ride home. Hopefully he'll be OK using an airplane toilet (ack!!!). Plus hopefully he'll sleep for a good chunk of it. I'm hoping we have enough to entertain him. He does like just watching the clouds out the window, so that can eat up some time! ;)

Jesse Yong is responding to his new name. We mix it up for him and he seems OK with it.

He is really starting to like me more and more. Asks me to sit next to him and do things for him. Likes me to play with him. Today we went to the park and I showed him how to play on some of the toys. He LOVED it. And I love getting less of the evil eye and push-aways.

I have to say the adjustment seems to be going more smoothly. We've gone through huge swells of stress and anxiety and bewilderment, but it seems to be evening out a lot more. THANK YOU for the prayers and well wishes. You can't even imagine what a support it has been to us.

We are sooooo ready to be back in America! What a very, very, very long trip. This last leg of the journey is better than we expected, though, and we're enjoying it more than we thought we would, so it will end up being a pleasant end to our adoption journey.

To all of you who have been writing encouraging words via our blog or e-mail: Thank you! It's a lifesaver! We look forward to seeing many of you again soon. It's hard to believe we leave for home in just a few more days....


Sanders Family said...

Emily and J-
Wow, I am amazed to see the transformation in little Jesse Yong. You have obviously been a ray of sunshine for him- his face now beams with joy! It will only continue to be more and more evident. In a few months, people will see him and say, "He's just not the same child-what a miracle!" We still have people tell us that almost 2 yrs. later with Naomi-she is constantly blossoming- so will be the same with your sweet little guy! Thank you again for your loving on Zoe for us- can't wait for you to step foot back on U.S. soil-it feels so good. Laura Sanders

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Emily. It must have been a rough week. Sure, intellectually, it's easy to figure out why he was acting out, but I can't imagine that provided much solace. Oh, and don't worry, I'll still give you the evil eye, hairy eye, stink eye, conjunctivitis, or any other "eye" you might be missing.

Angel said...

I am so glad things are getting easier. Wonderful! Hugs, Angel