Thursday, May 8, 2008


One of Jesse Yong's favorite things to do is walk the coi fish pond in the back courtyard of our hotel. Yesterday while I was at the orphanage, Jason took many a trip outdoors to trek the pond. Many, many trips. It's rather difficult to keep a 4-year-old occupied and entertained. He keeps pointing to Baba's shoes and leather sack to let us know he wants to GO!

So this morning the three of us took a few walks around the pond together and I snapped some pics for everyone to enjoy. I realize I'm prejudiced, but come on. What a cutie!

He mimics a lot of our English words (or attempts to) but nothing sounds close yet, except "Bye Bye" and "Fishies!!!!" [Although Mama is quite familiar with all the Chinese negatives and has even begun to differentiate the various levels of the Evil Eye.] :)

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Anonymous said...

Me thinks you'll be getting a new pet at home (hint: it will require a tank).