Saturday, November 22, 2008

More pictures of Jesse

As soon as I posted the Fall Fun update on the blog, I got an immediate e-mail back. It was all of two words: "MORE PICTURES!" So here are a few more random photos of the Jess-man.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, check back often! The Hendrickson family has a lot of fun activities we are looking forward to. A lot of "firsts" for Jesse, and for us: Christmas tree hunting & decorating, holiday parades, Christmas claymation specials, candlelight services, presents.....

On Fri., December 5, Jesse's pre-kindergarden class will be part of the school's annual Christmas Program. The four-year-olds are usually costumed in the traditional assortment of shepherds keeping watch and angels warbling from on high, with a cherubic girl holding a Cabbage Patch kid more or less (usually less) maternally as she tries to avoid getting thwacked by Joseph's herding staff. I'm hoping the program director will go for a more authentic flair this year and cast Jesse as one of the wisemen from the East. ;) Stay posted.

Until then....

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