Sunday, April 13, 2008

Look, Ma, no dishes!

We couldn't do a complete remodel in the kitchen, but we decided to spruce the room up a bit. We are so excited with how awesome our kitchen patching-caulking-repainting project came out, so we thought we'd share some pics with you, our favorite reader(s).

I've artfully orchestrated it such that you will all labor under the delusion that I am a marvelous housekeeper. A more accurate reality would be to say that my kitchen in this state of cleanliness and superb organization is such an anomaly that it was deserving of photographic documentation strictly for posterity's sake.

Truth be told, Jason is often the one who does the dishes and laundry during the week. Is that shameful to admit?

Not only is Jason full of domestic handyness, but I will admit -- since it's Sunday and I'm in the confessional mode -- he is also my resident interior decorator.

Back in the fall when we started our very first remodeling project (the bathroom), he and our contractor friend Dylan went to Home Depot to pick up building supplies. But since they were already there (I was later told), Jason decided to grab all the fixtures as well (sink, tub, shower, etc). He was on his way to checkout when Dylan took him aside.


"What?" An oblivious Jason.

"You sure you want to do this? Y'know....without checking with her first."

In a bold move, Jason said, "Yeah. It'll be good. She'll like it."



Dylan sighed. Since Jason and I've been married slightly longer than he has, what could he say? He shrugged his shoulders. "Duly warned."

In full confidence Jason pressed on: "Duly noted."

The verdict?

It looked sweet! (Go back to January's post to see pics for yourself). Jason really did have an eye for this redecorating thing.

So what do you suppose happened the next time he went out and came home with more new household fixtures, this time for the living room?

Good ol' Doubting Thomasina here looked inside the various Home Depot, Target and Lowes bags, raised her eyebrows and promptly raised all sorts of grief. Such-and-such definitely would not work; this doohickey was highly dubious; that thingamajig was, well, eh at best. On and on I went with how I just didn't think his choices were going to work. Harumph.

You'd think once I'd witnessed what he could do in redecorating the bathroom I'd be slightly more acquiescent and at least willing to hear him out. But you have to understand, most of the sides of Jason I get to see involve wrist locks, bacon, arm bars, steak, takedowns, roast beef, jujitsu grappling, spam, or some other highly testosterine-driven or artery-clogging personnae. This is a whole new -- dare I say sensitive? -- side to my man that is unfolding. Maybe I should re-introduce tofu.

So when we went to pick up curtains yesterday and within 45 seconds of scanning the aisles (after I had been there for at least 10 minutes feeling overwhelmed) Jason pulled up something that wasn't really in our new kitchen color scheme, this time I didn't bat an eye.

I think I'm learning.

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Dana said...

True confessions? Your not alone, sister. My hubby also has a MUCH better eye for decorating and the like than I ever hoped to have...he even does a better job of organizing the nick-nacks! First few times I was I just roll with it and give thanks.