Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Five Firday Cake!"


You can never get enough of the dude, at least not when you're turning 5 and he's your favorite superhero.

Okay, so he's the only superhero you've learned about yet, but still....

A picture of what Jesse adoringly called his "five firday cake" (his five birthday cake), although pretty much the whole day was referred to as his "five firday cake." Somehow food and fun kinda intermingled. Guess there's nothing wrong with that.

I know the picture is a little small here, but if you could see the look on his face!!! He is just thrilled to pieces to be listening to everyone singing "happy birthday, Jesse!" and then blowing the candles out by himself. A huge grin split his face, and he was so excited he started clapping along with everyone else.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the day:

Ronin enjoying the festivities

Speaking of favorite beasties, you may note that one is conspicuously absent in these pictures from the party. That's right, you the discriminating bloggie will catch not a single hide nor hair of your favorite felonious feline. The great outdoors once again beckoned, and Jim the Cat made fast his escape upon the arrival of unsuspecting guests who lingered a millisecond too long at the open front door....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jesse,

We are so happy that you are a big part of our family. We Love You .

With much Love and always praying for your beautiful family,

Yvette, Ryan, Lee and Baby Taylor Walshe
God Bless

Michelle said...

Hi Emily, I love reading your blog...Jesse seems to be simply delightful, do you, like, kiss his cheeks all day long or what? :)

Michelle Hunt

Jessica Nelson said...

Awww, he's adorable!!! All of my boys LOVE spiderman. It looks like Jesse had a great party. :-)
And I guess Jim is real, huh? That stinker. Heehee

Linda Glaz said...

cute pix