Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Past; Christmas Present

Jesse's Christmas LAST year:

Jesse's Christmas THIS year:

Enjoying hot chocolate

...tripping the light fantastic in his new Spiderman slippers

...eating Christmas sugar cookies around the living room to check out his electric train from all angles
(yes, we stayed up FAR too late assembling this)

...squealing with delight at his first New England snow fall

...which gave him the opportunity to don
his spiffy new Spiderman boots

...feeling less-than-impressed at
the ridiculousness of sporting THIS.
Seriously, Mom.

And no post would be complete without an update on the antics of Jim the Cat.

To continue the thread from my previous post regarding Jim's passion for all things toothpaste-y, I give you my most recent discovery of a weekday morn:

...the remainder of Jason's minty fresh gum;

the result of the feline's canines at work...

1 comment:

Suzie said...

Jimmycat, you are the bestest, weirdest, most endearing kitty ever.

(Too bad Kris has forgotten all about you)