Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa the Firefighter

The Christmas Parade we went to on Saturday afternoon was a huge hit! I told Jesse there would be fire engines and lots of cars with lights. And NOISE. I told him it would be very loud.

His eyes lit up. Of course he couldn't have been more thrilled at the prospect of cacophany and auditory mayhem. (And I couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunity to trot out "cacophany" and put it to good use in a sentence again.)

Out Jesse went with his warm hat and mittens to enjoy the show - the best part being the "cloud hire engine" (aka "loud fire engines").

Here he is scoping it all out with his grandparents, waiting patiently for the fire engines' approach.

Ahhhh, we just caught sight of the firefighters in full regalia, with the fire engines trailing along behind in all their splendor.

While they were standing there in front of us, the firefighters got an emergency call. All of a sudden they were pulling out their radios and rounding each other up to head out. Poor Santa almost took a nosedive off the firetruck as it yanked left out of the parade route and took off down a side road. I was happy to see he didn't strip out of his red suit to get into his other uniform right then and there. How many children were spared that potentially traumatizing revelation...

And I completely forgot about the paraders passing out candy to the kiddos. Jesse was pretty excited with his pocketFUL of "tandy." I have a video of his recounting the parade; I'll see if Jason can figure out how to load it on the blog. But here's Jesse's summary when it was all over: "More hire engines, Mama! More tandy!" When I told him it was all over, he frowned and tried to bargain with me: "Hamorrow (tomorrow) more hire engine and more tandy, Mama."


I was going through Jesse's school papers just now and came across a few pieces of his handiwork that I thought you'd enjoy.

Here's his Thanksgiving Turkey: (notice the different colors and the fact that he's doing better about staying inside lines)

And this was the first page of his "Thanksgiving Book."

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Angel said...

What a cutie... Happy late Thanksgiving!! Angel

Anonymous said...

Your viewing public demands more Jimmy!